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Best Places In The UK For A Weekend Getaway

Why not try a staycation?

With the weather getting increasingly hot this summer, more and more people are considering mini-breaks at home rather than travelling further afield. And, why not? There’s plenty to do and see on right on your doorstep! Here’s a guide to the best places in the UK for your weekend getaway:

The West Country

The western part of the UK is truly a marvellous sight, if you ever get the chance to visit, you won’t regret it. From the surfer’s paradise of Cornwall to the rustic hills of Dorset in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the West country is the perfect place for a weekend escape. Why not take a mini road trip? From Dorset to Devon, Then Devon to Cornwall is an excellent little route that beautiful scenery along the way. Once you’re in Cornwall there’s plenty to do and see, with boutique café’s and long sandy beaches, it’s a fantastic place to bring the kids for a summer break.

Up North

If you go further North of England you’ll stumble across the Lake District, just a short drive from Manchester. In the city you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Manchester from world class steakhouses to Mexican street-food. You could make a stop in the city and drive to your destination in the Lake District in a matter of a few hours. There’s a choice of cosy B&B’s or luxury Spas on the lake front. The famous Yorkshire dales are also worth exploring. Here you’ll find beautiful untouched countryside, as well as sweet quintessentially English cottages to relax in after your long day of walking.

Southern Relaxation

Down south you’ll find the bustling capital London, which is a fantastic weekend getaway destination if you’re looking for non-stop fun. But, for those who like a little more relaxation time mixed with city life, places like Brighton and Portsmouth are perfect. Both located on the coast, they’re ideal for a mini break. Portsmouth is just across the sea from Isle of Wight, you can even see it from the harbour, and with regular ferries to and from, you can explore the island as a day excursion from the city. Brighton offers its famous Pier and nightlife, perfect for a group of friends or young couple. With both just a short drive from the city, it’s ideal for those who want a diverse holiday where they can drive from London to the coast in just a couple of hours.

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